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Students and parents will be able to check my online classroom for assignments, vocabulary words, and other announcements. Please try to encourage your child to visit this valuable tool when they are absent or need an assignment. If you visit, click on middle school. Then click the Online Classroom link on the left side of the screen. The reading class vocabulary, important dates, and assignments are under Carly Hayes.
Each student will be responsible for creating and maintaining his or her own reading binder for the entire year. These binders must be brought to each reading class. Students who come to class unprepared will receive 10 points off there participation grade. If any student consistently comes to class unprepared, that student may also receive detention. Binders will be checked and graded periodically for completeness and neatness. All paper passed back to students must go in reading binders unless otherwise stated.
Note to parents: Checking your child’s reading binder and the online classroom will give you a great idea of what we are working on in class.
            Students will be responsible for learning (not just memorizing) vocabulary words throughout the year. The students will be tested on previous vocabulary words, so it is essential to learn and retain the definitions and the correct spelling of these words.   Most vocab words will be content standards. All students are required to make flashcards to help study for the tests outside of class. These words will help prepare your child for the Ohio Achievement Assessment. Students must learn the definitions. Vocabulary tests will be every two weeks (usually ten words). If words are missed on these vocabulary tests, your child is responsible for making corrections. If mistakes are not corrected, your child will receive a strike for an incomplete assignment.
Note to parents: Your child should be bringing home reading binders or flashcards to study. I will be going over a number of study techniques with my students. It helps most students to study with parents also. If your child needs extra help, I am available. We can meet during homeroom, study hall, or lunch.  A great tool to help master reading vocabulary is  This is accessable on my online classroom.
We will be reading a great deal this year. To keep things interesting and students motivated, we will try a number of techniques in reading class. Each student will be responsible for choosing (with my approval) his or her own silent reading book. I will give them class time to maintain a reading analysis of this book, but they will be expected to read outside of the classroom. Students may be reading in small groups also. Groups may pick their own books (with my approval). They will have some class time, and are still expected to read outside of class. I will be facilitating small group instruction to ensure all group members are cooperating, reading, discussing, and understanding. Groups will be responsible for completing study guides, worksheets, projects, and tests on these books. 
Note to parents: Each child is responsible for getting a copy of the book that his or her group chooses. If your child uses one of my books and it is damaged, they are responsible for replacing my book. If I do not have a copy available for your child, you may find a copy in a library or bookstore. Please contact me if this is a problem.
I also encourage both students and parents to monitor student performance by using PAM, the Parent Assist Module. This online tool will allow you to see your child’s grades as I post them on the computer.
I am looking forward to a great year! If you need to contact me for any reason, do not hesitate.
Carly Hayes
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