How to Help Your Child

Your child will be expected to keep all reading papers in his or her binder this year.  Every time I pass a paper back, I will tell them what section of their binder to put it in.  This helps them get organized and keeps them prepared for class.  They will receive binder grades throughout the year, so it is essential that they keep their reading papers in their binders.  If you want to know what your child is reading, how he or she is doing on vocabulary test, or see what we are doing in class, check his or her binder. 

Your child should be studying vocabulary terms on a regular basis.  Because vocabulary lists must be kept in their binders, each student will be making flashcards to study at home (or anywhere else!).  It is very helpful to review these terms with parents.  Ask your child about class discussions regarding these terms. 

Encourage your child to come to class prepared each day.  I will give students a quarterly participation grade.  If they are prepared to work and learn, they will receive 100%.  If they forget to bring their reading binder, their silent reading novels, and any announced materials, they will lose participation points. 

A great way to make sure that your child is prepared for vocabulary tests is to have him or her check out!

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