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Eastern Local School District, Meigs County, Ohio was formed in 1957 by the consolidation of Olive-Orange Local School District and Central Local School District. Olive-Orange encompassed the areas in and around Tuppers Plains, Reedsville, and Long Bottom. Central Local School District took in the area surrounding Chester.

The initial consolidation that created Eastern Local closed four buildings, renovated two, and built two. Olive-Orange Local owned five buildings. Three were elementary buildings-- one each in Tuppers Plains, Long Bottom, and Reedsville. Tuppers Plains also had one high school and one vocational building. Central Local had only one building that housed grades 1-12. With the onset of the consolidation, each of the elementary-only buildings, which were wood-frame structures, was closed due to being outdated and unsafe. The elementary students, grades 1-8, were moved from those three buildings to the Olive-Orange High School building, which was renovated and transformed into the Tuppers Plains Elementary School. The Central Local 1-12 building became the Chester Elementary School and also housed grades 1-8. It was impractical for the students in the Reedsville and Long Bottom areas to travel to either Chester or Tuppers Plains, so a new building, Riverview Elementary, was constructed between the two towns. The current Eastern High School building was constructed between Tuppers Plains and Chester, on Ohio Route 7.  It was built to service all of the district's students who were in grades 9-12. The class of 1958 was the first to graduate from the new Eastern High School building. The Tuppers Plains Vocational Shop Building was closed and all vocational students have since attended Meigs Local School District.

Seventeen years after its inception, Eastern Local had outgrown its initial structures. Due to overcrowding in the elementary buildings, a junior high school wing was added to the Eastern High School building. Students in grades 7-8 first occupied the new wing in the 1974-1975 school year. This action left Chester, Riverview, and Tuppers Plains schools to service only grades K-6.

The Eastern Local School District survived in its second configuration for 23 years. The 1997 consolidation that led to the current configuration of the school district closed two buildings, renovated one building, and built one building. Chester Elementary and Riverview Elementary were closed and sold. Tuppers Plains Elementary was closed and the building was converted to house Eastern Local’s administrative offices. A new elementary was built contiguous to the existing high school. It was constructed to house all of Eastern Local’s students in grades K-8. This move took the junior high students from the overcrowded high school building and simplified busing by creating a single student campus. Eastern High School was renovated, making it safer and more accessible. The junior high students, along with all of the district’s K-6 students occupied a new elementary building-- sharing a campus with the existing Eastern High School. This 1997 configuration, still in use, also allows for two non-district entities to use school property to assist the community. Eastern Elementary houses a branch of the local public library and the administrative building houses a Head Start program. Education is dynamic and change is inevitable.


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