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Hello! My name is Mrs. Angela Houck, and I teach 5th and 6th grade social studies. This is my 32nd year of teaching. I am a graduate of Gallia Academy High School, Marshall University (Bachelor's degree in education), and Marygrove College (Master's degree in education).  I live in Gallipolis with my husband and 2 daughters. Andrea teaches 1st grade intervention at Meigs Primary, and Becca teaches 5th grade intervention at Meigs Intermediate.  I'm looking forward to working with you!

*Please note that students who are not happy with a test grade may take a reassessment after filling out an application and completing at least 3 activities listed on the application. Reassessments must be taken within one week of the original test. A student may only take 2 reassessments per nine weeks.
March 9-13, 2020
Any changes during the week will be in red. 
Grade 5 Social Studies: 
Monday: No school
Tuesday: Research a civic issue (completed in class) and write report
Wednesday: Research a civic issue and write report (in class)

Thursday: Research a civic issue and write report (in class) Due Tues. 

Friday: Research a civic issue and write report (in class). Due Tues. Quarterly Assessment next Friday

Grade 6 Social Studies:
Monday: No school
Tuesday: Mohenjo-Daro Travel Brochure in class
Wednesday:  DARE with Deputy Barnhart
Thursday: Finish and turn in Mohenjo Daro Brochure
Friday: Completing worksheet in class.  Ch. 4 test Tues. Quarterly Assessment next Friday.
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